Remembering Great Apes

I am incredibly proud to announce that I am involved with this year's Remembering Great Apes project alongside some of the greatest and most inspiring Wildlife Photographers working today. I was asked to donate one of my Orangutan photos to the project and of course I am delighted to contribute.

Some of you may have seen the previous books in the "Remembering" series - Remembering Rhinos and Remembering Elephants. Between them they have raised over £300,000 for wildlife conservation and the impact of each book continues to grow every year. The work Margot Raggett has been doing with these projects is nothing short of astounding!

This year the focus is on the Great Apes, and a Kickstarter has been launched to cover the cost of printing the first run of books. By raising more money through the Kickstarter campaign, more revenue from book sales will go directly to Great Ape conservation. So get involved!

Stay tuned for more updates on the project throughout 2018.